General/Special Facilities Insurance

Tudor Insurance Australia is committed to assisting you in selection of the right cover and cost to meet your particular needs. Comparing policies can be difficult and sometimes the cheapest policy is not always the best option as you may be exposed to risks that you are unaware of and regrettably cost you dearly at the time of a claim.

Marine Insurance Facility

  • Marine Liability
  • Ship Repairers Liability
  • Marine Engineer Liability
  • Pontoon/Jetty Liability
  • Charterers Liability
  • Sail Craft & Power Craft
  • Very wide covers and extremely competitive rates written through the national facility

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Treefellers/Arborists Liability Insurance Facility

Covering tree lopping, felling, tree surgery, stump grinding, mulching, garden rubbish removal, and garden maintenance. Can also underwrite logging, fire trail blazing, and clearing near high transmission towers upon individual referral basis. Including extensive number of extensions giving a very wide cover on an occurrence based wording.

There is a choice to two excess scales with very competitive rates including further discounts for members of associations. Also provide extensive covers for personal accident, motor, general property (tools and equipment), and professional indemnity classes.

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Demolition/Asbestos Removal Liability Insurance Facility

  • Demolition Contractors Facility - Covering demolition, excavation, site clearing, related cartage and second hand material yard. Including extensive number of extensions giving a very wide cover on an occurrence based wording.
  • Asbestos Removalist/Abatement Contractors Facility - Covering removal of asbestos, AC sheeting and man made mineral fibres including stripping, encapsulation, re-roofing, re-insulation, fire proofing, air monitoring, and related transport. Including extensive number of extensions giving a very wide cover. Also provide extensive covers in respect of motor and professional indemnity classes for both facilities.

Waste/Environmental/Bin Hire Facility

  • Bin Hire and Mini Skip Operators - Covering hire and collection of bins and mini skips and wheelie bins for residential, commercial and entertainment facilities use including temporary approved holding facilites and second hand material yards.
  • Waste/Recycling and Environmental Facility - Covering waste collection and rubbish removal, transport of general and hazardous materials, operations of waste transfer stations, and dry waste landfills including static and contractors pollution liability covers.

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Other Classes

  • Householders - Loss or damage to residential premises and their contents.
  • Motor - Loss or damage to registered vehicles.
  • Personal Valuables - Loss or damage to jewellery, works of art and other valuables.
  • Farm Insurance - Covering loss or damage to all farm assets including home building and contents, crop & livestock.
  • Strata Insurance - Loss or damage to both commercial and residential buildings and common contents including liability insurance for common areas.
  • Landlords' Protection - Loss of rent or damage to residential property caused by tenants or other accidents.
  • Marine Hull - Damage to private and commercial vessels and related equipment.
  • Crop - Fire or hail damage to growing crops.
  • Livestock and Bloodstock - Loss following death or loss of use of valuable animals.
  • Association Liability - This provides indemnity to those who hold positions on management committees incorporated organisations against negligent acts, errors or omissions.

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Please note this is not an extensive list of product classes. Please refer to our office for further details of other classes not listed here.