Private School Fee Insurance

There’s no getting around it, private school fees are expensive and very few Australian’s consider private school fee insurance, but should you?

Annabel, a single mum, works part-time as a management accountant with a large CBD firm. Annabel decided to protect her child, Zoe. Annabel is made redundant during a restructure at work. As she has only worked at the firm for a few months, her payout is very small. Luckily, Annabel receives 6 months of Zoe’s school fees - $8,000 - and she feels relieved because she can get on with finding another part time position.

What is Private School Fee Insurance?

In the case of serious injury or illness - or even just losing your job - it’s important that your children’s education remains as interruption-free as possible. We now offer School Fee Protect Insurance which gives you that peace of mind.

Private education is an investment after all; in your children’s future and for your family as a whole. We believe that private school fee insurance is a logical part of that investment.

What is Covered?

If you (or your partner) becomes unemployed, sick or disabled, QBE will pay your child’s school fees for up to 6 months for involuntary unemployment cover and 12 months for disability cover.

Education, uninterrupted.

School Fee Protection Insurance lets you focus on finding that next job or recovering from an accident or injury. Backed by one of Australia’s leading insurers, QBE.

Find out just how affordable private school fee insurance can be.

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Did you know that what is actually covered can vary considerably between insurers? Often with exclusions or high excess payments that you may not be aware of. You need a broker who can assess your individual situation, offer the right insurance and explain precisely what is and isn’t covered.

It's easy to pay too much for insurance, but it's just as easy to pay too little then find out too late that you're not covered. There's a lot of flashy online insurance calculators out there but they focus only on price. Talk to Tudor and you talk to a real person who knows the what level of cover should be recommended and who will personally help you with a claim.

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