Demolition, Asbestos Removal and Environmental Insurance

This industry sector can be exposed to some unique risks that make choosing the right level of cover, with the right inclusions, extremely important. There are dangers to personnel, equipment and third-party safety and property concerns. Liability in this sector is also an important consideration.

For decades Tudor has insured almost every type of business in the demolition, construction or environmental fields.

Asbestos Removalists

Asbestos workers are usually familiar with the health dangers posed by this material. However knowledge in the appropriate insurance cover for the industry is not as universally understood. We have packages of insurance cover for Australian asbestos removalists.

Covering removal of asbestos, AC sheeting and man made mineral fibres including stripping, encapsulation, re-roofing, re-insulation, fire proofing, air monitoring, and related transport. Including extensive number of extensions giving a very wide cover. Also provide extensive covers in respect of motor and professional indemnity classes for both facilities.

Bin Hire and Mini Skip Operators

Covering hire and collection of bins and mini skips and wheelie bins for residential, commercial and entertainment facilities use including temporary approved holding facilites and second hand material yards.

Demolition Contractors

Covering demolition, excavation, site clearing, related cartage and second hand material yard. Including extensive number of extensions giving a very wide cover on an occurrence based wording.

Environmental Consultants

We can assist in a tailored insurance solution for environmental consultants in Australia. Professional Indemnity Insurance for environmental consultants is no longer optional and is important for anyone advising in the spheres of mining, energy, construction, infrastructure, waste management and more. Often it is required by government agencies, private companies and other before hiring anyone to give professional advice.

It is imperative that any consultant have adequate Professional Indemnity Insurance should an act, error or omission give rise to a negligence claim against them. Legal costs can quickly rise to a level that most simply could not afford.

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Did you know that what is actually covered can vary considerably between insurers? Often with exclusions or high excess payments that you may not be aware of. You need a broker who can assess your individual situation, offer the right insurance and explain precisely what is and isn’t covered.

It's easy to pay too much for insurance, but it's just as easy to pay too little then find out too late that you're not covered. There's a lot of flashy online insurance calculators out there but they focus only on price. Talk to Tudor and you talk to a real person who knows the what level of cover should be recommended and who will personally help you with a claim.

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