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Cyber Insurance

Every business that has a website or electronic records is vulnerable to cybercrime or an accidental data breach – and the consequences of a cyber-incident can be very costly.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Anyone can make a mistake – but if your business is found liable for negligence, the costs can be financially devastating. Not only can it lead to an expensive lawsuit, but your business’ hard-earned reputation may be damaged as a result

Management Liability Insurance

Management liability insurance provides protection against the financial exposures that come with managing a company. Helping you defend, settle or pay compensation claims.

Business Interruption Insurance

Business interruption insurance can help your business to keep running if the insured property is lost or damaged after a catastrophic event such as fire, by covering ongoing costs so you can recover and rebuild.

Home & Contents Insurance

Your home is far more than a physical asset. Home is safety, security, familiarity and comfort – so an extreme weather event, accident or home invasion could cost you more than a material loss.

Corporate Travel Insurance

Helps protect your business and staff when travel doesn’t go to plan. Travel cover for financial losses caused by overseas health emergencies, flight cancellations or lost and stolen baggage.

Public Liability Insurance

If an accident or unforeseeable incident causes damage or injury to someone (other than your employees), you may be found legally liable to cover the costs. Public liability insurance can help to protect your business from the financial risk of liability claims – helping you trade with confidence.

Motor Insurance

Whether you’re zipping around the city in a small car or motorbike, taking your SUV off-road on the weekends, delivering goods in a truck, or driving a sleek luxury model, you depend on your vehicle for freedom and flexibility. So, it’s great to know that if it gets damaged or is written off, you can have the cover you need to get you back on the road as soon as possible.

The Tudor Difference

Extensive industry knowledge, decades of combined experience, and an exhaustive risk assessment process make Tudor the partner you need to manage risk - personal or business.


According to Inside Small Business, only 16% of SMEs have a financial back-up plan in place, while 35% said they’d need to cut spending and limit their lifestyle if they were unable to work

Business & Commercial Insurance

Working out how much and what type of insurance your business needs can be complex, With Tudor Insurance you can be confident you're making the right choice


1597 million tonnes of cargo is moved across Australian wharves in 2015-16

Specialist Insurance

Each business, from small and medium enterprises to large corporations, has specific risks and exposures. At Tudor, we take time to understand your business, identify your particular risks and exposure, then seek, recommend and arrange the right insurance solution.


Among small to medium sized businesses that have experienced a successful infiltration of the corporate network by ransom 22% reported that they had to cease business operations immediately (identical to the global average), and 18 percent lost revenue (higher than the global average).

Marine Insurance

Over the last 3 decades Tudor has built a reputation as the “go-to” brokers for boating insurance in Australia.


Approximately 1 in 30 homes are burgled in Australia each year.

Your Personal Claims Advocate

We can help get you the best claims outcomes - because we work for you, and not the insurers

Tudor Insurance

Working for you for over 30 years

What our clients say

For more than 30 years, Tudor Insurance has provided personalised insurance solutions and claims advocacy that put clients first. Using our expertise, professionalism, and market strength, we broker the most comprehensive insurance coverage available at competitive rates to give our clients peace of mind for continued lifestyle protection and prosperity.